About Bike South West

Bike South West (BSW) is an incorporated non-profit community-based bicycle user group (BUG) that has members mainly in the local government areas of Bankstown, Canterbury and Hurstville Council areas.
We are ordinary people, at all levels of fitness, who ride a variety of bicycles for transport, recreation, exercise and fun.
Our aim is to promote the safe use of bicycles, promote road safety and education and advocate better outcomes for bicyclists in our local area.
Bike South West runs a free ride each month, usually through a local cycling route and sometimes in conjunction with other cycling groups.
If you would like to come on a ride or find out more about cycling in your local area contact us!


Bike South West is affiliated to Bicycle NSW, which has over 10,000 members across NSW.
Bike South West members are encouraged to join Bicycle NSW and enjoy its membership benefits.